You can set a maximum value for downloading VIBs to ESXi 5.x hosts by running an esxcli command.


  1. Verify that you can run esxcli commands on the ESXi 5.x host.
    All esxcli commands are available in the ESXi Shell and also included in the vCLI package. For improved security, VMware recommends you install the vCLI package or deploy the vMA virtual appliance, then run commands against your ESXi hosts, instead of running commands in the ESXi Shell itself. By default, remote command execution is disabled on an ESXi host. For more information about running esxcli commands or enabling remote command execution, see Getting Started with vSphere Command-Line Interfaces.
  2. Run the esxcli command with a bandwidth limit value that suits your environment.
    esxcli system settings advanced set -o /UserVars/EsximageNetRateLimit -i 1048756
    The command limits the download rate to 1048756 bytes per second, or 1MB per second.
  3. (Optional) To verify that you have set a download rate limit, run the following command.
    esxcli system settings advanced list -o /UserVars/EsximageNetRateLimit

    The following report appears.

    Path: /UserVars/EsximageNetRateLimit
    Type: integer
    Int Value: 1048756
    Default Int Value: 0
    Min Value: 0
    Max Value: 2147483647
    String Value:
    Default String Value:
    Valid Characters:
    Description: Set the maximum rate, in bytes/sec, for downloading
    VIBs (0=no limit)