You can search for specific patches or extensions in the patch repository by using various criteria. An advanced search provides a way to filter the list of patches and extensions to display only those items that match the criteria that you specify.


  1. To locate a patch or an extension based on a keyword or phrase, enter text in the text box in the upper-right corner of the Update Manager Patch Repository tab.
  2. To search for patches or extensions using more specific criteria, click Advanced next to the text field.
  3. In the Filter Patches window, enter the search criteria.
    Option Description
    Patch Vendor Specifies which patch or extension vendor to use.

    Restricts the set of patches or extensions to the selected products or operating systems.

    The asterisk at the end of a product name is a wildcard character for any version number.

    Severity Specifies the severity of patches or extensions to include.
    Category Specifies the category of patches or extensions to include.
    Release Date Specifies the range for the release dates of the patches or extensions.
    Text Restricts the patches or extensions to those containing the text that you enter.
    Note: With Update Manager 5.x and later you can sort security patches by category. In earlier vSphere releases, security patches are only classified by severity. In Update Manager 5.x and later, old patches that are marked as Security are classified as Category Security and Severity Critical. This ensures that earlier security-related patches appear in the predefined critical updates dynamic baseline.
  4. Click Find.
    If you want to clear the search field and remove the filter, click Clear.


The contents of the Patch Repository are filtered according to the criteria you entered.