You can delete baseline groups that you no longer need from Update Manager. Deleting a baseline group detaches it from all the objects to which the baseline group is attached.

About this task

In the vSphere Client you can delete baseline groups from the Update Manager Client Administration view.


  1. Use the vSphere Client or the vSphere Web Client to connect to a vCenter Server system with which Update Manager is registered.
  2. Depending on the client you use to connect to vCenter Server perform the following steps.



    vSphere Web Client

    1. On the VMs/VAs Baselines tab under Manage, select an existing baseline group and click Delete.

    vSphere Client

    1. On the Baselines and Groups tab, select the type of baseline group to edit by clicking either Hosts or VMs/VAs.

    2. Select a baseline group from the Baseline Groups pane and click Delete.

  3. In the confirmation dialog box, click Yes.


The baseline group is deleted.