Using a Microsoft SQL Server query, you can generate a common report from the Update Manager database.


  • To generate a report containing the latest scan results for all objects in the inventory and for all patches for an inventory object, run the query in Microsoft SQL Client.
    SELECT r.entity_uid,r.ENTITY_STATUS, 
                    u.meta_uid, u.title, u.description, u.type, u.severity,
                    (case when u.SPECIAL_ATTRIBUTE is null then 'false' 
                    else 'true'
                    end) as IS_SERVICE_PACK,
                    r.scanh_id, r.scan_start_time, r.scan_end_time 
    FROM VUMV_UPDATES u JOIN VUMV_ENTITY_SCAN_RESULTS r ON (u.meta_uid = r.update_metauid)
    ORDER BY r.entity_uid, u.meta_uid


The query displays all patches that are applicable to the scanned objects in the inventory.