You can track the license usage of your vSphere environment by generating reports for the license usage of assets for a certain time period. Assets are hosts, vCenter Server systems, Virtual SAN clusters, and solutions.

You can use the license reporting in vSphere for the following tasks:

  • View statistics about the license usage and capacity for all products that have been assigned licenses in vSphere for a certain time period.

  • Export license usage reports in CSV format for further analysis and processing.

The License Service takes snapshots of the license usage in the vSphere environment every day. A license usage snapshot contains data about the current license assignment and usage. The license usage information that you can view in the license reporting interface contains aggregated statistics from the snapshots that are collected in the period that you select.

The license usage reports that you can export in CSV format contain the raw data from the license usage snapshots that are collected during the selected period. You can analyze the data from CSV reports by aggregating it with third-party tools or scripts.