You can view details about the license usage and capacity of a certain product. You can filter the license usage data by time period.


  • To view and generate license usage reports for the products in vSphere 6.0, you must have the Global > Licenses privilege on the vCenter Server system, where the vSphere Web Client runs.


  1. In the vSphere Web Client, select Administration, and under Licensing select Reports.
  2. From the Time period drop-down menu, select a preconfigured or a custom time period for which you want to generate license usage data.
  3. If you select a custom time period, specify the start and end dates, and click Recalculate.
  4. Select a product from the Report Summary pane.


Details about the license usage for the selected product appear. The Usage Breakdown table lists all the licenses for the product that are assigned to assets in the selected period. The table can list licenses that are not used currently but were assigned to assets in the selected period.

The License Service collects license usage snapshots every day. The license usage on the Usage Breakdown table is an aggregated value from the raw data in the license usage snapshots that are collected within the selected time period.