You can change the network configuration of the vCenter Host Gateway appliance when, for example, your network connection changes.


  1. On the Network tab, click Address.
  2. From the IP Version drop-down menu, select the IP version that corresponds to your network.
    You can select IPv4 or IPv6 version.
  3. Select the Network Mode.
    Option Description
    DHCP Select this option if a DHCP server is used to allocate the IP address in your environment.
    Static Manually set the networking settings.
    Auto Select this option if the IP address allocation is done by a stateless method. The option is available for IPv6.
  4. (Optional) If required, enter values for the following settings:
    Option Description
    Host Address The host address of the appliance in IPv4 or IPv6 format.
    Prefix The valid network prefix. Only for IPv6.
    Mask The valid network mask. Only for IPv4.
    Gateway The default gateway.
    DNS servers The IP addresses of the DNS servers.
    Hostname The FQDN of the host.
  5. Click Save Settings.