VMware Tools provides drivers and services that enhance the performance of virtual machines and make possible many of the ease-of-use features in vSphere. When VMware Tools is installed, you can configure many of these utilities and change their characteristics. In addition, to harden a virtual machine and reduce security risks as much as possible, disable the VMware Tools features that might be vulnerable to security threats.

You can use one of the following methods to configure VMware Tools.
  • The command-line configuration utility in the guest operating system. You can modify VMware Tools settings, shrink virtual disks, and connect and disconnect virtual devices.
  • Custom scripts.
  • For NetWare virtual machines, you use the system console to configure virtual machine options.
  • Menu commands and dialog boxes.
For more information about using VMware Tools, see the following documents:
  • Instructions about installing and upgrading VMware Tools in vSphere, see Upgrading Virtual Machines.
  • Information about VMware Tools in hosts that are provisioned with vSphere Auto Deploy, see VMware Knowledge Base article http://kb.vmware.com/kb/2004018.
  • Information about installing and configuring VMware Tools in other VMware products, see the documentation for your product.