You can change the settings of a content library.

As an administrator of a content library, you can publish a local library from your vCenter Server instance to share its contents across multiple vCenter Server systems. From the Edit Setting dialog box, you can obtain the URL of your library and send it to other users to subscribe. If the library is already published, you can change its password for authentication. Users who are subscribed to your library must update the password to keep access to the published library.


Required privileges: Content library. Update library and Content library. Update local library on the library.


  1. In the vSphere Web Client navigator, select vCenter Inventory Lists > Content Libraries.
  2. Right-click a content library and select Edit Settings.
  3. Edit the settings for the library.
    Type of Content Library Action
    Content library that is local You can publish a local library to share its contents with other users.
    1. Select the Publish this library externally check box.
    2. Select whether to set a password for authentication to the library. If you password protect the library, you must provide both the URL and the password to users who want to subscribe to your library.
    Content library that is published You can change the following settings of a library that is published:
    • You can unpublish the library by deselecting the Publish this library externally check box. Users who are currently subscribed to this library can no longer use the library contents.
    • You can enable or disable authentication for the library, and change the password for authentication.
    • You can copy the subscription URL to your library and send it to other users to subscribe.
  4. Click OK.