Starting with vSphere 6.0 Update 2, you can include a login banner with your environment. You can enable and disable the login banner, and you can require that users click an explicit consent check box.


  1. From a Web browser, connect to the vSphere Web Client or the Platform Services Controller.



    vSphere Web Client


    Platform Services Controller


    In an embedded deployment, the Platform Services Controller host name or IP address is the same as the vCenter Server host name or IP address.

  2. Specify the user name and password for administrator@vsphere.local or another member of the vCenter Single Sign-On Administrators group.

    If you specified a different domain during installation, log in as administrator@mydomain.

  3. Click Single Sign-On, click Configuration, and click the Login Banner tab.
  4. Click Edit and configure the login banner.




    Click the Enabled check box to enable the login banner. You cannot make login banner changes unless you click this check box.

    Explicit Consent

    Click the Explicit Consent check box to require that the user clicks a check box before logging in. You can also display a message without a check box.


    Title of the banner. By default, the Login Banner text is I agree to the. You can add to that, for example Terms and Conditions.


    Message that the user sees when clicking the banner, for example, the text of the terms and conditions. The message is required if you use explicit consent.