You can remove a vCenter HA configuration from the vSphere Web Client. If you are using an Advanced configuration, or if any of the nodes are not discoverable, you might have to perform additional cleanup steps.


  1. Log in to the Active node vCenter Server Appliance and click Configure.
  2. Under Settings select vCenter HA and click Edit.
  3. Select Remove vCenter HA cluster.
    • The vCenter HA cluster's configuration is removed from the Active, Passive, and Witness nodes.
    • The Active node continues to run as a standalone vCenter Server Appliance.
    • You cannot reuse the Passive and Witness nodes in a new vCenter HA configuration.
    • If you performed configuration using the Advanced options, or if the Passive and Witness nodes are not discoverable, you must delete these nodes explicitly.
    • Even if the second virtual NIC was added by the configuration process, the removal process does not remove the virtual NIC.