You create a host profile by extracting the designated reference host configuration.

About this task


You can also extract a host profile by right-clicking the specific host and select Host Profiles > Extract Host Profile.


Verify that you have a working vSphere installation and at least one completely and properly configured host that acts as the reference host.


  1. Navigate to the Host Profiles view.
  2. Click the Extract Profile from a Host icon (Create Host Profile icon).
  3. Select the host that acts as the reference host and click Next.

    The selected host must be a valid host.

  4. Enter the name and description for the new profile, and click Next.
  5. Review the summary information for the new profile and click Finish.


The new profile appears in the profile list.


Host profiles do not capture offline or nonpresent devices. Any changes made to offline devices after extracting a host profile do not make a difference to the compliance check results.