To disassociate a configuration from an ESXi host or an entire cluster, that host or cluster must be detached from the host profile.

About this task

When a host profile is attached to a cluster, the host or hosts within that cluster are also attached to the host profile. However, when the host profile is detached from the entire cluster, there is no association between the host or hosts within the cluster and that host profile.

Detaching a host profile from an ESXi host or a cluster does not delete that host profile. You can delete the host profile after detaching it from all the entities it is associated with.


You can also detach a host profile by right-clicking the specific host and select Host Profiles > Detach Host Profile.


  1. From Host Profiles main view, select the host profile to be detached from the entire cluster or individual hosts.
  2. Click Attach/Detach a host profile to hosts and clusters .
  3. Select a host or a cluster from the expanded list in the right pane and click Detach.

    The host or cluster is moved to the left pane list.

  4. (Optional) Click Detach All to detach all listed hosts and clusters from the profile.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Click Finish to detach the host or cluster from the host profile.