You use the New Virtual Machine wizard to create a virtual machine to place in the VMware Host Client inventory.

The selections you make in the New Virtual Machine wizard are not saved until you click Finish on the Ready to Complete page. If you close the wizard without completing all tasks, you cannot resume the wizard where you left off. You must start a new creation task.


Verify that you have the VirtualMachine.Inventory.Create privileges.

Depending on the properties of the virtual machine you want to create, you might need the following additional privileges:

  • VirtualMachine.Config.AddExistingDisk if including a virtual disk device that refers to an existing virtual disk file (not RDM).
  • VirtualMachine.Config.AddNewDisk if including a virtual disk device that creates a new virtual disk file (not RDM).
  • VirtualMachine.Config.RawDevice if including a raw device mapping (RDM) or SCSI passthrough device.
  • VirtualMachine.Config.HostUSBDevice if including a VirtualUSB device backed by a host USB device.
  • VirtualMachine.Config.AdvancedConfig if setting values in ConfigSpec.extraConfig.
  • VirtualMachine.Config.SwapPlacement if setting swapPlacement.
  • VirtualMachine.Config.ChangeTracking if setting changed block tracking for the virtual machine disks.
  • Datastore.AllocateSpace required on all datastores where the virtual machine and its virtual disks are created.
  • Network.Assign required on the network which is assigned to the new virtual machine that is being created.


  • Right-click Host in the VMware Host Client inventory and select Create/Register VM.
    The New Virtual Machine wizard opens.