To use a directory service for your host, you must join the host to the directory service domain.

About this task

You can enter the domain name in one of two ways:

  • name.tld (for example, The account is created under the default container.

  • name.tld/container/path (for example, The account is created under a particular organizational unit (OU).

To use the vSphere Authentication Proxy service, see vSphere Security.


  1. Click Manage in the VMware Host Client inventory and click Security & Users.
  2. Click Authentication and click Join domain.
  3. Enter a domain name.

    Use the form name.tld or name.tld/container/path.

  4. Enter the user name and password of a directory service user account that has permissions to join the host to the domain and click Join domain.
  5. (Optional) : If you intend to use an authentication proxy, enter the proxy server IP address and click Join domain.