vSphere ESXi Image Builder cmdlets allow you to manage image profiles and VIBs.

vSphere ESXi Image Builder includes the following cmdlets.
Note: When you run vSphere ESXi Image Builder cmdlets, provide all parameters on the command line when you invoke the cmdlet. Supplying parameters in interactive mode is not recommended.

Run Get-Help cmdlet_name at the PowerCLI prompt for detailed reference information.

Table 1. vSphere ESXi Image Builder Cmdlets
Cmdlet Description
Add-EsxSoftwareDepot Adds the software depot or ZIP file at the specified location to your current environment. Downloads metadata from the depot and analyzes VIBs for dependencies.
Remove-EsxSoftwareDepot Disconnects from the specified software depot.
Get-EsxSoftwareDepot Returns a list of software depots that are in the current environment. If you want to examine and manage image profiles and VIBs, you must first add the corresponding software depot to your environment.
Get-EsxSoftwarePackage Returns a list of software package objects (VIBs). Use this cmdlet's options to filter the results.
Get-EsxImageProfile Returns an array of ImageProfile objects from all currently added depots.
New-EsxImageProfile Creates a new image profile. In most cases, creating a new profile by cloning an existing profile is recommended. See Clone an Image Profile.
Set-EsxImageProfile Modifies a local ImageProfile object and performs validation tests on the modified profile. The cmdlet returns the modified object but does not persist it.
Export-EsxImageProfile Exports an image profile as either an ESXi ISO image for ESXi installation, or as a ZIP file.
Compare-EsxImageProfile Returns an ImageProfileDiff structure that shows whether the two profiles have the same VIB list and acceptance level. See Acceptance Levels.
Remove-EsxImageProfile Removes the image profile from the software depot.
Add-EsxSoftwarePackage Adds one or more new packages (VIBs) to an existing image profile.
Remove-EsxSoftwarePackage Removes one or more packages (VIBs) from an image profile.