If a host required user input during a previous boot, the answers are saved with the vCenter Server. If you want to prompt the user for new information, you must remediate the host.


Attach a host profile that prompts for user input to the host.


  1. Migrate all virtual machines to different hosts, and place the host into maintenance mode.
    Host Type Action
    Host is part of a DRS cluster VMware DRS migrates virtual machines to appropriate hosts when you place the host in maintenance mode.
    Host is not part of a DRS cluster You must migrate all virtual machines to different hosts and place each host in maintenance mode.
  2. On the vSphere Web Client Home page, click Auto Deploy.
    By default, only the Administrator role has privileges to use the vSphere Auto Deploy service.
  3. On the Deployed Hosts tab, select an ESXi host.
  4. Click Remediate Host Associations.
    You can monitor the progress of the remediation process in the Recent Tasks pane.
  5. When prompted, provide the user input.
  6. Direct the host to exit maintenance mode.


The host customization is saved and takes effect the next time you boot the host.