A vSphere Distributed Switch functions as a single virtual switch across all associated hosts. Virtual machines can maintain a consistent network configuration as they migrate across multiple hosts. If you migrate an existing standard switch, or virtual adapter, to a Distributed Switch and the Distributed Switch becomes unnecessary or stops functioning, you can restore the standard switch to ensure that the host remains accessible.

When you restore the standard switch, a new virtual adapter is created and the management network uplink that is currently connected to Distributed Switch is migrated to the new virtual switch.

You might need to restore the standard switch for the following reasons:

  • The Distributed Switch is not needed or is not functioning.
  • The Distributed Switch needs to be repaired to restore connectivity to vCenter Server and the hosts need to remain accessible.
  • You do not want vCenter Server to manage the host. When the host is not connected to vCenter Server, most Distributed Switch features are unavailable to the host.


Verify that your management network is connected to a distributed switch.


  1. From the direct console, select Restore Standard Switch and press Enter.
    If the host is on a standard switch, this selection is dimmed, and you cannot select it.
  2. Press F11 to confirm.