Enhanced Linked Mode connects multiple vCenter Server systems together by using one or more Platform Services Controllers.

Enhanced Linked Mode lets you view and search across all linked vCenter Server systems and replicate roles, permissions, licenses, policies, and tags.

When you install vCenter Server or deploy the vCenter Server Appliance with an external Platform Services Controller, you must first install the Platform Services Controller. During installation of the Platform Services Controller, you can select whether to create a vCenter Single Sign-On domain or join an existing domain. You can select to join an existing vCenter Single Sign-On domain if you have already installed or deployed a Platform Services Controller instance and have created a vCenter Single Sign-On domain. When you join an existing vCenter Single Sign-On domain, the infrastructure data between the existing Platform Services Controller and the new Platform Services Controller is replicated.

With Enhanced Linked Mode, you can connect not only vCenter Server systems running on Windows but also many vCenter Server Appliances. You can also have an environment where multiple vCenter Server systems and vCenter Server Appliances are linked together.

If you install vCenter Server with an external Platform Services Controller, you first must deploy the Platform Services Controller on one virtual machines or physical server and then deploy vCenter Server on another virtual machine or physical server. While installing vCenter Server, you must select an existing external Platform Services Controller. You cannot select an existing Platform Services Controller that is a part of an embedded installation. For more information about the supported topologies, see vCenter Server and Platform Services Controller Deployment Types.