To set up a vSphere Auto Deploy infrastructure, you must install a TFTP server in your environment. . vSphere Auto Deploy relies on a TFTP server for sending the boot image to the hosts that it provisions.

This task only installs the TFTP server. You later download a configuration file to the server. See Configure the vSphere Auto Deploy and TFTP Environment in the vSphere Web Client.


  1. Log in to the console of the Windows system on which vCenter Server is installed with administrator privileges, either directly or by using RDP.
  2. Download and install the TFTP server software.

    This sample setup uses the TFTP server from WinAgents. The TFTP server that is included with Windows 2008 is closely tied to Windows network deployment and not suitable for vSphere Auto Deploy.

  3. Configure the TFTP root directory as D:\Drive or a similar location (for example, D:\TFTP_Root\).

What to do next

Install PowerCLI, to manage vSphere Auto Deploy with PowerCLI cmdlets.