To monitor your environment, you can create and modify alarm definitions in the vSphere Web Client. You can view alarm settings from any object, but you can modify settings only through the object on which the alarm is defined.

Before you begin

Required Privilege: Alarms > Create alarm or Alarms > Modify alarm

About this task

You can access alarm definitions in the Monitor tab. You can create alarm definitions from the Monitor tab or from the object pop-up menu.


  • Create or edit alarms in the Monitor tab.
    1. Select an inventory object, click the Monitor tab, and click Issues.
    2. Click Alarm Definitions.
    3. Right-click the list of alarms, and select to add or edit an alarm.

      You cannot edit vCenter Server predefined alarms.

  • Add an alarm to an object in the object navigator.
    1. Right-click an inventory object and select Alarms > New Alarm Definition.