This vSphere Networking is updated with each release of the product or when necessary.

This table provides the update history of the vSphere Networking Guide.

Revision Description
25 JAN 2022 Added a note about limitations when selecting port mirroring sources. See Select Port Mirroring Sources.
31 MAR 2021 Miscellaneous updates.
13 APR 2020 Expanded the description of vSphere Distributed Switch health check to include the usage advice that you should use health check to troubleshoot network problems, and then deactivate it after you identify and resolve the problem. See vSphere Distributed Switch Health Check and Enable or Disable vSphere Distributed Switch Health Check.
13 APR 2020 The patterns for filtering or marking network traffic using a MAC address was updated to remove the use of a wildcard regular expression. A MAC address is considered matched if the AND operation of the mask on the MAC address yields the same result. See MAC Traffic Qualifier
13 APR 2020 Initial release.