By default, the swap file is created in the same location as the virtual machine's configuration file, which could either be on a VMFS datastore, a Virtual SAN datastore or a VVol datastore. On a Virtual SAN datastore or a VVol datastore, the swap file is created as a separate Virtual SAN or VVol object.

A swap file is created by the ESXi host when a virtual machine is powered on. If this file cannot be created, the virtual machine cannot power on. Instead of accepting the default, you can also:

  • Use per-virtual machine configuration options to change the datastore to another shared storage location.

  • Use host-local swap, which allows you to specify a datastore stored locally on the host. This allows you to swap at a per-host level, saving space on the SAN. However, it can lead to a slight degradation in performance for vSphere vMotion because pages swapped to a local swap file on the source host must be transferred across the network to the destination host. Please note that currently Virtual SAN and VVol datastores cannot be specified for host-local swap.