For virtual machines with disproportionately large memory consumption, you can use advanced options to override the default virtual CPU settings.

You can add these advanced options to the virtual machine configuration file.

Table 1. Advanced Options for Virtual NUMA Controls
Option Description Default Value

Determines the number of virtual cores per virtual CPU socket. This option does not affect the virtual NUMA topology unless numa.vcpu.followcorespersocket is configured.



Determines the number of virtual NUMA nodes by splitting the total vCPU count evenly with this value as its divisor.



When you create a virtual machine template with these settings, the settings remain the same every time you then power on the virtual machine with the default value TRUE. If the value is set to FALSE, the virtual NUMA topology is updated every time it is powered on. The virtual NUMA topology is reevaluated when the configured number of virtual CPUs on the virtual machine is modified at any time.



The minimum number of virtual CPUs in a virtual machine that are required to generate a virtual NUMA topology. A virtual machine is always UMA when its size is smaller than numa.vcpu.min



If set to 1, reverts to the old behavior of virtual NUMA node sizing being tied to cpuid.coresPerSocket.