If your storage system does not require CHAP, you can disable it.

If you disable CHAP on a system that requires CHAP authentication, existing iSCSI sessions remain active until one of the following actions takes place:
  • You reboot the host.
  • You end the session through the command line.
  • The storage system forces a logout.

After the session ends, you can no longer connect to targets that require CHAP.

Required privilege: Host.Configuration.Storage Partition Configuration


  1. Open the CHAP Credentials dialog box.
  2. For software and dependent hardware iSCSI adapters, to disable the mutual CHAP and leave the one-way CHAP, select Do not use CHAP in the Mutual CHAP area.
  3. To disable one-way CHAP, select Do not use CHAP in the CHAP area.
    The mutual CHAP, if set up, turns to Do not use CHAP when you disable the one-way CHAP.
  4. Click OK.