If you do not need the software iSCSI adapter, you can disable it.

Before you begin

Required privilege: Host > Configuration > Storage Partition Configuration

About this task

Disabling the software iSCSI adapter marks it for removal. The adapter is removed from the host on the next host reboot. After removal, all virtual machines and other data on the storage devices associated with this adapter become inaccessible to the host.


  1. Browse to the host in the vSphere Web Client navigator.
  2. Click the Configure tab.
  3. Under Storage, click Storage Adapters, and select the adapter (vmhba#) to configure.
  4. Under Adapter Details, click the Properties tab.
  5. Click Disable and confirm that you want to disable the adapter.

    The status indicates that the adapter is disabled.

  6. Reboot the host.

    After reboot, the adapter no longer appears on the list of storage adapters.


The iSCSI software adapter is no longer available and storage devices associated with it are inaccessible. You can later activate the adapter.