You can use the esxcli storage vvol commands to troubleshoot your Virtual Volumes environment.

The following command options are available:

Table 1. esxcli storage vvol commands
Namespace Command Option Description
esxcli storage core device list Identify protocol endpoints. The output entry Is VVOL PE: true indicates that the storage device is a protocol endpoint.
esxcli storage vvol daemon unbindall Unbind all virtual volumes from all VASA providers known to the ESXi host.
esxcli storage vvol protocolendpoint list List all protocol endpoints that your host can access.
esxcli storage vvol storagecontainer list

abandonedvvol scan

List all available storage containers.

Scan the specified storage container for abandoned VVols.

esxcli storage vvol vasacontext get Show the VASA context (VC UUID) associated with the host.
esxcli storage vvol vasaprovider list List all storage (VASA) providers associated with the host.