A vSphere Auto Deploy host boots and displays iPXE information, but reboots after five minutes.


A host to be provisioned with vSphere Auto Deploy boots from iPXE and displays iPXE information on the console. However, after five minutes, the host displays the following message to the console and reboots.
This host is attempting to network-boot using VMware
AutoDeploy. However, there is no ESXi image associated with this host.
Details: No rules containing an Image Profile match this
host. You can create a rule with the New-DeployRule PowerCLI cmdlet
and add it to the rule set with Add-DeployRule or Set-DeployRuleSet. 
The rule should have a pattern that matches one or more of the attributes 
listed below.

The host might also display the following details:

Details: This host has been added to VC, but no Image Profile
is associated with it. You can use Apply-ESXImageProfile in the
PowerCLI to associate an Image Profile with this host.
Alternatively, you can reevaluate the rules for this host with the
Test-DeployRuleSetCompliance and Repair-DeployRuleSetCompliance cmdlets.

The console then displays the host's machine attributes including vendor, serial number, IP address, and so on.


No image profile is currently associated with this host.


You can assign an image profile to the host by running the Apply-EsxImageProfile cmdlet, or by creating the following rule:
  1. Run the New-DeployRule cmdlet to create a rule that includes a pattern that matches the host with an image profile.
  2. Run the Add-DeployRule cmdlet to add the rule to a ruleset.
  3. Run the Test-DeployRuleSetCompliance cmdlet and use the output of that cmdlet as the input to the Repair-DeployRuleSetCompliance cmdlet.