The Extension Details window displays a table of the extensions in the order of their compliance status with the selected host.

You can obtain complete information about an extension by double-clicking an extension in the Extension Details window.

Table 1. Extension Details Window



Patch Name

Name of the update.


Vendor of the update.


Compliance status of the patch. The state might be Missing (Non-Compliant), Not Applicable, Unknown, Installed (Compliant), and so on.

Patch ID

Vendor-assigned identification code of the update.


Severity of the update. For hosts, the severity status might be Critical, General, Security, and so on. For virtual machines, the severity might be Critical, Important, Moderate, and so on.


Category of the update. The category might be Security, Enhancement, Recall, Info, Other, and so on.


The action that you must take to apply the update. This action might include rebooting the system or putting the host into maintenance mode.

Release Date

Release date of the update.