Use VMCA to provision the ESXi hosts in your environment unless corporate policy requires that you use custom certificates. To use custom certificates with a different root CA, you can edit the vCenter Server vpxd.certmgmt.mode advanced option. After the change, the hosts are no longer automatically provisioned with VMCA certificates when you refresh certificates. You are responsible for the certificate management in your environment.

You can use the vCenter Server advanced settings to change to thumbprint mode or to custom CA mode. Use thumbprint mode only as a fallback option.


  1. Select the vCenter Server that manages the hosts and click Configure.
  2. Click Advanced Settings, and click Edit.
  3. In the Filter box, enter certmgmt to display only certificate management keys.
  4. Change the value of vpxd.certmgmt.mode to custom if you intend to manage your own certificates, and to thumbprint if you temporarily want to use thumbprint mode, and click OK.
  5. Restart the vCenter Server service.