When you migrate vCenter Server, vCenter Single Sign-On, or Platform Services Controller on Windows to an appliance, the installer does a pre-check, for example, to verify that enough space is available on the virtual machine or physical server where you are migrating, and verifies that the external database, if any, can be successfully accessed.

Source Environment Checks

When you migrate vCenter Single Sign-On (version 5.5) or Platform Services Controller (version 6.0), vCenter Single Sign-On is included as part of the Platform Services Controller. When you provide the information about the vCenter Single Sign-On service, the installer uses the administrator account to check the host name and password, to verify that the details of the vCenter Single Sign-On server you provided can be authenticated before proceeding with the migration process.

The pre-migration checker performs checks for the following aspects of the source environment:

  • vCenter Server, Platform Services Controller, or vCenter Single Sign-On version to verify that migration is supported
  • SSL certificates validity and compatibility with system names
  • Network connections
  • DNS resolution
  • Internal and external ports used
  • External database connectivity
  • Administrator privileges on the Windows machine
  • Required disk space for exporting configuration data
  • NTP server validation
  • Any credentials that you enter

Target Environment Checks

The pre-migration checker performs checks for the following aspects of the target environment:

  • Minimum processor requirements
  • Minimum memory requirements
  • Minimum disk space requirements
  • Administrator privileges on the target host
  • Any credentials that you enter