After you have Virtual SAN up and running, it is integrated with the rest of the VMware software stack. You can do most of what you can do with traditional storage by using vSphere components and features including vSphere vMotion, snapshots, clones, Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS), vSphere High Availability, vCenter Site Recovery Manager, and more.

Integrating with vSphere HA

You can enable vSphere HA and Virtual SAN on the same cluster. As with traditional datastores, vSphere HA provides the same level of protection for virtual machines on Virtual SAN datastores. This level of protection imposes specific restrictions when vSphere HA and Virtual SAN interact. For specific considerations about integrating vSphere HA and Virtual SAN, see Using Virtual SAN and vSphere HA.

Integrating with VMware Horizon View

You can integrate Virtual SAN with VMware Horizon View. When integrated, Virtual SAN provides the following benefits to virtual desktop environments:
  • High-performance storage with automatic caching
  • Storage policy-based management, for automatic remediation

For information about integrating Virtual SAN with VMware Horizon, see the VMware Horizon with View documentation. For designing and sizing VMware Horizon View for Virtual SAN, see the Designing and Sizing Guide for Horizon View.