By default, vSAN automatically rebalances the vSAN cluster when a capacity device reaches 80 percent full. Rebalancing also occurs when you place a vSAN host in maintenance mode.

Run the following RVC commands to monitor the rebalance operation in the cluster:

  • vsan.check_limits. Verifies whether the disk space use is balanced in the cluster.

  • vsan.whatif_host_failures. Analyzes the current capacity use per host, interprets whether a single host failure can force the cluster to run out of space for reprotection, and analyzes how a host failure might impact cluster capacity, cache reservation, and cluster components.

    The physical capacity use shown as the command output is the average use of all devices in the vSAN cluster.

  • vsan.resync_dashboard. Monitors any rebuild tasks in the cluster.

For information about the RVC command options, see the RVC Command Reference Guide.