You can create or edit an iSCSI target and its associated LUN.


Verify that the iSCSI target service is enabled.


  1. Navigate to the vSAN cluster in the vSphere Web Client.
  2. Click the Configure tab. Under vSAN, click iSCSI Targets.
  3. In the vSAN iSCSI Targets section, click the Add a new iSCSI target (Create license icon) icon.

    The New iSCSI Target dialog box is displayed. The target IQN is generated automatically.

  4. Enter a target alias. You also can edit the network, TCP port, and authentication method for this target.
  5. (Optional) To define the LUN for the target, click the Add your first LUN to the iSCSI target check box, and enter the size of the LUN.
  6. Click OK.

What to do next

Define a list of iSCSI initiators that can access this target.