Use the vSphere Web Client to examine whether a virtual machine object is compliant with the assigned VM storage policy.


  1. Examine the compliance status of a virtual machine.
    1. Browse to the virtual machine in the vSphere Web Client navigator.
    2. On the Summary tab, examine the value of the VM Storage Policy Compliance property under VM Storage Policies.
  2. Examine the compliance status of the objects of the virtual machine.
    1. In the vSphere Web Client, navigate to the Virtual SAN cluster.
    2. On the Monitor tab, click vSAN and select Virtual Disks.
    3. Select a virtual machine object.
    4. Examine the value of the Compliance Status property for the object. If the Compliance Status is different from Compliant, determine the cause for the noncompliance.
      • Examine the Operational State of the object to verify whether the object is healthy.
      • On the Compliance Failure tab, examine which requirements from the VM storage policy that the object cannot satisfy.
      • On the Physical Disk Placement tab, examine the state of the object components.