You can enable deduplication and compression when you configure a new Virtual SAN all-flash cluster.


  1. Navigate to an existing cluster in the vSphere Web Client.
  2. Click the Configure tab.
  3. Under Virtual SAN, select General and click the Configure vSAN button.
  4. Configure deduplication and compression on the cluster.
    1. On the vSAN capabilites page, select the Enable check box under Deduplication and Compression.
    2. (Optional) Enable reduced redundancy for your VMs.
  5. On the Claim disks page, specify which disks to claim for the Virtual SAN cluster.
    1. Select a flash device to be used for capacity and click the Claim for capacity tier icon ().
    2. Select a flash device to be used as cache and click the Claim for cache tier icon ().
  6. Complete your cluster configuration.