You can monitor the Virtual SAN cluster and all the objects related to it.


  1. Navigate to the Virtual SAN cluster in the vSphere Web Client.
  2. Click the Monitor tab and click vSAN.
  3. Select Physical Disks to review all hosts, cache devices, and capacity devices in the cluster.
    Virtual SAN displays information about capacity devices, such as total capacity, used capacity, reserved capacity, functional status, physical location, and so on. The physical location is based on the hardware location of cache and capacity and devices on Virtual SAN hosts.
  4. Select a capacity device and click Virtual Disks to review the virtual machines that use the device.
    You can monitor many aspects of virtual machine objects, including their current state and whether they are compliant with the storage policies assigned to them.
  5. Select Capacity to review information about the amount of capacity provisioned and used in the cluster, and also to review a breakdown of the used capacity by object type or by data type.
  6. Select the Configure tab and select General to check the status of the Virtual SAN cluster, verify Internet connectivity, and review the on-disk format used in the cluster.