Set up and configure the networks the deployed OVF or OVA templates use.

About this task

The Setup networks wizard screen allows you to map source networks to target networks, and to specify settings for those networks.

For each network, you can perform the mapping and optional customizations explained in the procedure.


  1. Select a Source network in the table and map it to a Destination network.

    The Source column lists all networks that are defined in the OVF or OVA template. The Destination column allows you to select a target network.

  2. If the OVF or OVA template is set up to allow network customization, you can select the IP protocol, the IP allocation, or both.




    A DHCP server is used to allocate the IP addresses. Select this option only if a DHCP server is available in your environment.

    Static - Manual

    You will be prompted to enter the IP addresses in the Customize template page.

    If you select this option, and no IP pool exists, a Network Protocol Profile that contains an IP pool is automatically created and associated with the destination networks.

    Static - IP Pool

    IP addresses are automatically allocated from the managed IP network range of vCenter Server at power-on, and remain allocated at power-off.

    Transient - IP Pool

    IP addresses are allocated from a specified range when the appliance is powered on. The IP addresses are released when the appliance is powered off.

  3. Click Next.