The presence of redundant delta disks can adversely affect virtual machine performance. You can combine such disks without violating a data dependency. After consolidation, redundant disks are removed, which improves virtual machine performance and saves storage space.

Snapshot consolidation is useful when snapshot disks fail to compress after a Delete or Delete all operation. This might happen, for example, if you delete a snapshot but its associated disk does not commit back to the base disk.

The Needs Consolidation column in the vSphere Web Client shows the virtual machines to consolidate.


Required privilege: Virtual machine .Snapshot management.Remove Snapshot


  1. Show the Needs Consolidation column.
    1. Select a vCenter Server instance, a host, or a cluster and click the VMs tab and click Virtual Machines.
    2. Right-click the menu bar for any virtual machine column and select Show/Hide Columns > Needs Consolidation.
    A Yes status indicates that the snapshot files for the virtual machine must be consolidated, and that the virtual machine's Tasks and Events tab shows a configuration problem. A No status indicates that the files are OK.
  2. Right-click the virtual machine and select Snapshots > Consolidate.
  3. Check the Needs Consolidation column to verify that the task succeeded.
    • If the task succeeded, a Not Required value appears in the Needs Consolidation column.
    • If the task failed, check the event log the failure reason, correct the error, and retry the consolidation task.