Before you deploy a new virtual machine, you can choose to configure the virtual hardware. When you create a virtual machine, the virtual disk is selected by default. You can use the New device drop-down menu on the Customize Hardware page to add a new hard disk, select an existing disk, or add an RDM disk.

For information about virtual disk configuration, including instructions for adding different types of disks, see Add a Hard Disk to a Virtual Machine.

For help configuring other virtual machine hardware, see Configuring Virtual Machine Hardware.


  1. (Optional) To add a new virtual hardware device, select the device from the New device drop-down menu and click Add.
  2. (Optional) Expand any device to view and configure the device settings.
  3. To remove a device, move the pointer over the device and click the Remove icon.
    This icon appears only for virtual hardware that you can safely remove.
  4. Click Next.