You configure virtual SCSI controllers on your virtual machines to attach virtual disks and RDMs to.

The choice of SCSI controller does not affect whether your virtual disk is an IDE or SCSI disk. The IDE adapter is always ATAPI. The default for your guest operating system is already selected.

Caution: Changing the SCSI controller type might result in a virtual machine boot failure.



  1. Right-click a virtual machine in the inventory and select Edit Settings.
  2. On the Virtual Hardware tab, expand SCSI controller, and select a SCSI controller type from the Change Type drop-down menu.
    The vSphere Web Client displays information about what will happen if you change the controller type. If you have selected a controller type that is not recommended for the virtual machine's guest operating system, a warning is displayed.
  3. Select whether to change the controller type.
    • Click Change Type to change the controller type.
    • Click Don't change to cancel the change and keep the original controller type.
    Do not select a BusLogic Parallel controller for virtual machines with disks larger than 2TB. This controller does not support large capacity hard disks.
  4. Click OK.