Plan downtime for each virtual machine during the upgrade process. Typically, this downtime occurs during the virtual machine upgrade and the VMware Tools upgrade. Depending on your upgrade plan, some virtual machine downtime might be required during the ESX upgrade.

If an ESX/ESXi host is not managed by vCenter Server, you cannot use vMotion to move virtual machines. The virtual machines must have some downtime when the ESX/ESXi host reboots after upgrade.

You might not have to shut down more than a single virtual machine at any given time. You can stagger virtual machine downtimes to accommodate a schedule convenient to you and your customers.

For example:

  • If your virtual machine users are located in diverse time zones, you can prepare by migrating virtual machines to specific hosts to serve a given time zone. This way you can arrange host upgrades so that virtual machine downtime occurs transparently outside business hours for that time zone.
  • If your virtual machine users operate around the clock, you can delay downtime for their virtual machines to normally scheduled maintenance periods. You do not need to upgrade any stage within a certain time period. You can take as long as needed at any stage.