After you select the template from which to deploy the virtual machine, you might choose to customize the guest operating system and the virtual machine hardware. You can also select to turn on the virtual machine when you complete the creation procedure. You can change the properties of the guest operating system, such as the computer name, and network and license settings. Changing the guest OS properties helps prevent conflicts that can occur in case virtual machines with identical settings are deployed. You can add a CD device, such as an ISO file, to install the guest operating system, or to reconfigure the virtual machines' hardware, such as storage or networking, before you deploy the virtual machine.

This page appears only if you opened the New Virtual Machine wizard from an inventory object that is not a template.

Note: If you start the deploy operation from a template, you select the customization and power options on a later page in the wizard.


  1. Search for or browse to the template.
  2. (Optional) Select Customize the operating system to customize the guest operating system of the virtual machine.
  3. (Optional) Select Customize this virtual machine's hardware to configure the virtual machine's hardware before deployment.
  4. (Optional) Select Power On Virtual Machine after creation to power on the virtual machine after creation is complete.
  5. Click Next.