You can deploy, monitor, and interact with solutions that are installed in a vCenter Server instance with the vCenter Solutions Manager. The Solutions Manager displays information about the health of a solution.

You can navigate to the Solutions Manager from the home page of the vSphere Web Client. The Solutions Manager view displays information about the solution, such as the solution name, the vendor name and the version of the product.


  1. From the vSphere Web Client home page, navigate to the Solutions Manager by selecting Administration > Solutions > vCenter Server Extensions.
  2. Double-click a solution.
  3. In the Solutions Manager inventory, navigate through the tabs to view information about a solution..
    • Summary tab. Lists information about the solution, such as the product name, a short description, and a link to the vendor Web sites.

      Selecting the vendor Web site link takes you to the Summary page of the virtual machine or vApp. A link under "Managed by" returns you to the solution.

    • VMs tab. Lists all the virtual machines belonging to the solution.

    • Monitor tab. Shows tasks and events related with the solution.