Select the datastore or datastore cluster in which to store the virtual machine configuration files and all its virtual disks. Each datastore might have a different size, speed, availability, and other properties. The available datastores are accessible from the destination resource that you selected.

On the Customize hardware page, you can configure the storage. For example, you can add a new hard disk, apply a virtual machine storage policy, or place the configuration and disk files on separate storage devices.

The amount of free space in the datastore is always changing. Ensure that you leave sufficient space for virtual machine creation and other virtual machine operations, such as growth of sparse files, snapshots, and so on. To review space utilization for the datastore by file type, see the vSphere Monitoring and Performance documentation.


  • Select the datastore location where you want to store the virtual machine files.
    Option Action
    Store all virtual machine files in the same location on a datastore.

    Select a datastore and click Next.

    Store all virtual machine files in the same datastore cluster.
    1. Select a datastore cluster.
    2. (Optional) If you do not want to use Storage DRS with this virtual machine, select Disable Storage DRS for this virtual machine and select a datastore within the datastore cluster.
    3. Click Next.