You can power on a vApp to power on all its virtual machines and child vApps. Virtual machines are powered on according to the startup order configuration.

When powering on a vApp within a DRS cluster in manual mode, no DRS recommendations are generated for virtual machine placements. The power-on operation performs as if DRS is run in a semiautomatic or automatic mode for the initial placements of the virtual machines. This does not affect vMotion recommendations. Recommendations for individual powering on and powering off of virtual machines are also generated for vApps that are running.


Required privilege: vApp.Power On on the vApp.


  1. Navigate to the vApp you want to power on.
  2. Right-click the vApp and select Power On.
    If a delay is set in the startup settings of a virtual machine in the vApp, the vApp waits for the set length of time before powering on that virtual machine.


In the Summary tab, the Status indicates when the vApp has started and is available.