To apply the range of IP addresses from a network protocol profile to a virtual machine that is a part of a vApp or has vApp functionality enabled, associate the profile with a port group that controls the networking of the virtual machine.

You can associate a port group of a standard switch or a distributed port group of a distributed switch with a network protocol profile by using the settings of the group.


  1. Navigate to a distributed port group of a vSphere Distributed Switch or to a port group of a vSphere Standard Switch in the Networking view of the vSphere Web Client.
    The port groups of standard switches are under the data center. The vSphere Web Client displays distributed port groups under the parent distributed switch object.
  2. On the Configure tab, expand More and click Network Protocol Profiles.
  3. Click Associate a network protocol profile with the selected network button in the upper right corner.
  4. On the Set association type page of the Associate Network Protocol Profile wizard, select Use an existing network protocol profile and click Next.
    If the existing network protocol profiles do not contain settings suitable for the vApp virtual machines in the port group, you must create a new profile.
  5. Select the network protocol profile and click Next.
  6. Examine the association and settings of the network protocol profile, and click Finish.