The vSphere Certificate Manager utility allows you to perform most certificate management tasks interactively from the command line. vSphere Certificate Manager prompts you for the task to perform, for certificate locations and other information as needed, and then stops and starts services and replaces certificates for you.

If you use vSphere Certificate Manager, you are not responsible for placing the certificates in VECS (VMware Endpoint Certificate Store) and you are not responsible for starting and stopping services.

Before you run vSphere Certificate Manager, be sure you understand the replacement process and procure the certificates that you want to use.

Caution: vSphere Certificate Manager supports one level of revert. If you run vSphere Certificate Manager twice and notice that you unintentionally corrupted your environment, the tool cannot revert the first of the two runs.

Certificate Manager Utility Location

You can run the tool on the command line as follows:
C:\Program Files\VMware\vCenter Server\vmcad\certificate-manager.bat