You can use the CLI installer to perform an unattended deployment of a vCenter Server Appliance or Platform Services Controller appliance. You must run the CLI deployment from a Windows, Linux, or Mac machine that is in the network on which you want to deploy the appliance.



  1. Navigate to the vcsa-cli-installer subdirectory for your operating system.
    • If you are running the deployment on Windows OS, navigate to the vcsa-cli-installer\win32 directory.
    • If you are running the deployment on Linux OS, navigate to the vcsa-cli-installer/lin64 directory.
    • If you are running the deployment on Mac OS, navigate to the vcsa-cli-installer/mac directory.
  2. (Optional) Run a pre-deployment check without deploying the appliance to verify that you prepared the deployment template correctly.
    vcsa-deploy install --precheck-only path_to_the_json_file
  3. Run the deployment command.
    vcsa-deploy install --accept-eula --acknowledge-ceip optional_arguments path_to_the_json_file

    Use optional_arguments to enter space-separated arguments to set additional execution parameters of the deployment command.

    For example, you can set the location of the log and other output files that the installer generates.
    vcsa-deploy install --accept-eula --acknowledge-ceip --log-dir=path_to_the_location path_to_the_json_file