You can use the vSphere Client to decommission a Platform Services Controller.

After converging an external Platform Services Controller node to an embedded Platform Services Controller node, decommission the original external Platform Services Controller. Decommissioning a Platform Services Controller shuts it down and removes it from the single sign-on domain.


Make sure no vCenter Server instances are pointing to the Platform Services Controller before decommissioning.

Reconfigure any products deployed into the environment that use the Platform Services Controller to use the newly deployed embedded Platform Services Controller.

Make a backup of the Platform Services Controller before decommissioning to ensure no loss of data.


  1. Select the Platform Services Controller from the System Configuration page and click Decommission PSC.
  2. Enter the single sign-on user name and password, and click Decommission.


The vCenter Server that you are logged into to perform the decommission restarts its services, making the UI inaccessible during this time. The decommission process is not impacted.

What to do next

You can delete virtual machine for the decommissioned Platform Services Controller.

Ensure that any external solutions or products are registered with the new embedded Platform Services Controller.